Spanking Juicy Doubles

Spanking Juicy Doubles - Cutie Spankee - Asian Spanking
Japanese spanking: Colorful, pretty girls with big butts were spanked all together! Mitsuki was found her excessive training for Misono like bullying. The manager immediately ordered her to straddle a chair to expose her buttocks. Mitsuki was seized with fear because she knew that position made her escaping or moving her ass difficult and that means the coming punishment would be severer than usual. In front of her junior fellow, her panties were given wedgies to receive a good paddling. That lasted until her big bum get wholly red and squeeze out a good crying from her mouth.

Christmas Beating

Christmas Beating - Cutie Spankee - Asian Spanking
Japanese spanking: The young lady stared at the reindeer broke into the room. She was going to romance her favorite maid into bed but she was disturbed. She and her maid holded down the stranger on the sofa and stripped it’s fur skin to expose the bare bottom. “Let’s have a party, Yuka” The young lady and her maid began spanking the bottom and kept on burning the victim’s butt like roasted turkey.

Training A Waitress

Training A Waitress - Cutie Spankee - Asian Spanking
Japanese spanking: “Look! It’s still dusty!”-Smack! “Dishes are remains, Hurry up!”-Smack!… A new waitress Misono was under severe training by Mitsuki-her senior worker-. Because Misono was still clumsy with her new job, she was in no need of the reason for spanking. “Hey! Don’t leave the mop here!…it’s third time around, you know what to do!” Mistuki ordered Misono to bend over in a patronizing way. “Oh, no! Please don’t use the paddle!” Misono was frightened to see what Mitsui have in her hand but it was cruelly brought down to her butts to drill her hard in her job.

Reserved Punishment

Reserved Punishment - Cutie Spankee - Asian Spanking
Japanese spanking: Yuu came home with a rueful look because she was doomed to be punished after school. Lingering at the front door, she dreaded the thought of coming punishment but no way to be let out before she take that lying down. She had to trudged toward the living room where her mother would wait for her with a wodden paddle on her knee. “I’m back…Mom.” “Welcome home, Yuu. Are you remember what I told you in the morning?” Her mother said in a cold voice which signalled the start of the punishment.

Unhappy Valentine’s Day

Unhappy Valentine's Day - Cutie Spankee - Asian Spanking
Japanese spanking: Valentine’s Day is right across the corner. I was making chocolates by hand thinking of my love. “Will he receive this…and me?” Wow! It’s beautiful! I gift-wrapped them and finished my work. At a later time, Mom called me with angry voice…Oh, shucks! I had forgotten to clear up the kitchen! She made me bend over the messy kitchen before I make excuses and began to spank me! “Oh, no! Don’t drag down my shorts!” I tried to escape but Mom bore down on me and gave me harder spanking on my naked bottom. I thought she may be hate me to become sexually aware than messing up the kitchen.

Caned Together

Caned Together - Cutie Spankee - Asian Spanking
Japanese spanking: Cuddling up to each other, I and my cousin were receiving the cane together in twilight hour. We bent over together and my aunt tapped our bottom with the cane to make us stick them out similarly and she raised the cane in her hand. Her cane bite into Sizuku’s bottom first. She winced in pain for a moment but she kept silent and obediently said “Thank you, mom.” And I felt she lifted her hand again. Now it’s my turn… Sound of swish and that slit my buttocks! “…!” I got a catch in the throat by her cane. I cound only let out a sigh after a few seconds later.

Handed Down Instrument

Handed Down Instrument - Cutie Spankee - Asian Spanking
Japanese spanking: Shizuku was being punished because she was playing with her mother’s wardrobe and messed the room. She pulled Kimonos out of bottom of wardrobe and tried one on when her mother came into the room. On her knee, looking the old Kimono for the first time in decades, perhaps mother recalled her girlhood and began to talk to her daughter about her own mother’s spankingt. “Don’t cry by such a soft handspanking” “I also had gotten severe spanking by your gradmother with that hard bamboo ruler.” That’s how the mother’s beautiful floral Kimono of her young days handed down with the aging bamboo ruler to discipline a maiden from grandmother to mother.

Discipline Lesson by Mrs.Kanda

Discipline Lesson by Mrs.Kanda - Cutie Spankee - Asian Spanking
Japanese spanking: Mrs.Kanda gives a tutorial on her methods of discipline for girls throughout the ages. At the start, she talks about giving a classic OTK spanking through the example of the real young bottom.

Discipline Observer

Discipline Observer - Cutie Spankee - Asian Spanking
Japanese spanking: I heard the thwack and gir’s cry when I came back home. I approached there with the stealthy footsteps and found Shizuku was getting spanked by my aunt who was real mother of the girl. “You, come here and watch her punishment, Fuka” Aunt told me when she found I was looking at them. “Oh, don’t watch me!” Shizuku flushed with shame but still kept on proffering her buttocks to her mother’s severe spanking with a quiver of her lips.

Training Wife

Training Wife - Cutie Spankee - Asian Spanking
Japanese spanking: “Just a moment, please.” Fuka-the young wife- was stopped by her mother-in law when she got back from shop. She got a sermon on her night life and neglecting housework of recent date. “You have to be aware of your responsibility…I’ll tell you from now!” A wodden paddle was in the old woman’s hand. Fuka had to prepare herself for the worst. She placed her grocery sack on the sofa and lifted up her skirt sorrowfully.